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Cal Spirit 2015-16


My Cal heritage includes four generations. My dad, Peter, fervently believed that, "a Cal degree is a superior achievement". I shall always remember his passion for Cal football and personal account of "The Play".

I met my wife and best friend, Judy, in the Cal Library and we have a brick in the Memorial Legacy Wall to commemorate our meeting day. Our treasured Berkeley memories include strolling the beautiful campus and rooting for Cal.

Cal Photography is my hobby and we enjoy supporting Cal spirit. In 2003, the Cal Dance Team honored us with the title, "Cal Parents". We like associating with so many bright Cal students while giving back to our school. Supporting our students has increased our circle of Cal friends. Cal Spirit brings people together and is a source of pride in our university.

When I am not behind a camera, I can be found at Chong Orthodontics where we create beautiful smiles. For more information, click on "About Me" above.

My son, Scott, Cal '97 MCB, is my partner and an editor for Cal Golden Blogs.

We truly respect and appreciate the dedication of our Cal Spirit Groups. Go Bears!