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My Cal heritage includes four generations. My grandfather, Sam ( Cal ME '23), designed lighting for the Bay Bridge. My dad, Peter (BA '40), studied Accounting. He taught that "a Cal degree is a superior achievement". His passion for Cal football was renown. We treasure his personal account of "The Play". I grew up admiring his diploma, and aspired to become a Bear.

I met my wife and best friend, Judy, in the Cal Library and we now have a brick in the Memorial Legacy Wall to commemorate our meeting day. Our happy Berkeley memories include walking through campus and rooting for Cal.

Photography became my hobby and a means to support Cal spirit and our favorite teams. My "inner Bear" is happy when I can capture game day memories.

When I am not behind a camera, I can be found at Chong Orthodontics were we create beautiful smiles. Clicking on the "About Me" tab above will provide more information.

My partner is my son, Scott, Cal '97 MCB, who is also an editor for the Cal Golden Blogs.

Judy and I enjoy supporting the Cal Women and admire the way Coach Gottlieb has been building her program. Our granddaughter, Jocey, loves collecting autographs, posters, and visiting with the players. Going to New Orleans in 2013 for the Final Four was a tremendously uplifting experience. We love our Lady Bears!