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I started taking Cal Spirit photos in 1995 when 3 friendly Cal Cheerleaders asked for help with a disposable camera. From that humble beginning, Cal Spirit photography became a hobby which awakened "my inner Bear".

My grandfather graduated from Cal in '23 with a degree in ME. My dad, the first in his family to attend college, earned his Cal degree in Accounting in '40. He attributed his success in life to his being a "Cal man". I grew up admiring his Cal degree on the wall, and longing to attend the "best school in the land". His passion for Cal football and his Berkeley experience inspired me to become a Bear.

I met my wife and soul mate, Judy, in the Cal Library and we have a brick in the Legacy Wall at Memorial to commemorate our meeting day. We treasure memories of roaming the beautiful Berkeley campus and rooting for Cal.

When I am not behind a camera, I can be found at Chong Orthodontics, where we create beautiful smiles. Click on the "About Me" above for more information.

My son, Scott, Cal '97 MCB, is my partner and an editor for Cal Golden Blogs. Go Bears!